LYANNO Y MARC MÁRQUEZ hacen vibrar al público en el GP de las Américas

LYANNO Y MARC MÁRQUEZ hacen vibrar al público en el GP de las Américas

The song continues to capture all the attention, to the point that even Marc Márquez himself celebrated on the podium of Saturday’s sprint race at the GP of the Americas, dancing “LA NENA” alongside Lyanno, creating a milestone for urban music and sports.

In an impressive intersection between music and motorized sports, Lyanno, one of Puerto Rico’s most prominent artists of the moment, has just released his new single “LA NENA”. This track, produced in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, not only captures the essence of reggaeton but also celebrates the feminine charm within the genre.

“LA NENA”, which has gone viral since its release, stands out for its special inclusion of MotoGP, taking the union between music and sports to a new level. The music video for the single was filmed between Qatar and Miami, featuring frenetic scenes at the Losail circuit in Qatar.

In addition to this release, Lyanno, who was recently awarded the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award for his hit “LOKERA”, continues to strengthen his bond with Rauw Alejandro. Both artists have shared a long history of collaborations and a deep friendship that transcends the professional realm.

This new single is part of what will be Lyanno’s next album. “‘LA NENA’ is a dedication to women, highlighting how they stand out and what they represent. The idea of incorporating MotoGP emerged as an innovative way to merge my two passions: music and sports,” confirms the Puerto Rican artist.

With “LA NENA”, Lyanno not only promises to be a musical success but also positions himself as a cultural bridge connecting music and racing fans worldwide.

Additionally, during Saturday’s sprint race, Lyanno waved the checkered flag and delivered an exciting performance on the podium alongside Marc Márquez. The collaboration between MotoGP and Lyanno on social media went viral, attracting the attention of a broad global audience.